Mouse Pads

I am honored to be included in a mousepad featuring gig posters from all these talented artists and designers:

3d Glasses, Aaron Ber, Adam Swinbourne, Allan Lorde, Are Kleivan, Billy Perkins, Cherub Root Design, Chuck Keppler, Clint Wilson, Dan Springer, Decoder Ring, Delicious, Denny Schmickle, Dirk Fowler, Doug Rigler, Eric Pieper, Evan Marnoch, Goetz, Half And Half, Ivarton, Jason Goad, Jeff Gaither, Jeremy Wilson, Jim Altieri, John Foster, John Seabury, Josh Rickun, Justin Helton, Kenny Redman, Lonny Unitus, Mark McCormick, Micro (me), Mike Saputo, Mitchum D.A., Nick Rhodes, Pandemik Prints, Rica, Rick G, Screwball Press, Scrojo, Seripop, Standard Design, Steph Nitro, Steve Pheck, Strawberryluna, Stubborn Sideburn, Surrender Art, Tanxxx, The P!nch, Tooth, Two Ducks Disco, Us And Them and Von Dada..

It’s very cheap and you can buy it here!

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